Bedroom Interior Design For Men


Bedroom Interior Design For Men


First of all we’d like to apologize to all the ladies reading but today we have a pretty hot topic we’d like to cover. Bedroom Interior design for men. Many think that we men , can’t decide what piece of furniture to use despite just bed in bedroom. A well-designed male bedroom offers comfort and sanctuary to its owner and is inviting to guests.

Shawn Penoyer Interiors presents our Interior Design ideas for male bedroom. Let’s start with furniture. Italian upholstered bed shown in black with a leather belt. Grand Tour is a luxury furniture collection with a sporting design inspired by first class travel and the world of luxury automobiles. Extravagant Coupe Italian upholstered occasional chair with belt in leather is stylish and glamourous  element.

Keeping the bedroom clean and free of clutter is the best way to improve the room, but the right color palette and bedding choices are also important. Off-black paint colors with yellow or beige tones keep the room warm, and stainless steel elements of  furniture should be limited in bedrooms with predominantly white color schemes.

Posters of rock stars or athletes may be appropriate for younger boys, but young men and adults require better wall art. The experts at AskMen.com say to keep any other colors in the room in mind while choosing art, such as dark furniture or bedding. Framed prints of artwork containing some of the room’s existing colors tie the design of the room together. Black and white prints of geometric landscapes add an elegant but masculine touch, or use large-scale posters of your favorite abstract art.

How do you like our ideas? Looking forward to your comments!

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