How to choose a pool table?!


How to choose a pool table?!


Doesn’t it sound fun to shoot pool in your own home? Before you run out to buy a table, be sure you have enough space. When you know the size you need, you’ll find a tremendous range of good quality and affordable tables. The way to narrow your options is to consider whether you want your table for light recreation or for a serious game of pool.





Consider price. If it’s for informal family use, you can find a decent new table starting at around $1,000. If the table is for sophisticated players who take the game to heart, expect to pay $3,000 and up.


Measure to see whether you have enough room for the pool table you want. Consider the size of the table, and add room for your cue stick and stroke. Use a size chart to verify your measurements. (See Resources below.)


Consider the quality of playing surface. Cheaper tables feature surfaces such as particle board covered with plastic, or MDF (medium density fiberboard). More expensive tables have more durable slate surfaces, usually in three sections for easy installation and leveling.


Take into account the appearance of the pool table, especially because it’s such a large, imposing piece of furniture. Do you want durable, attractive hardwood construction? Or would a laminate be a better choice?


Investigate the rails and cushions. Look for wood rather than particle-board rails, and high-grade rubber cushions with canvas backing. Tournament play requires K-66 cushions, which help make your shots faster and more accurate.


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