Jane Fonda's Atlanta Loft


Jane Fonda's Atlanta Loft

Legendary Jane Fonda wrote in her blogsome time ago about how she’s ready to sell or rent her Atlanta loft. First, she wrote a thoughtful, personal assessment of why she is leaving town. Then she followed that up with some lovely photographs of her abode that shows off the Southern space.

Her 4,700 square-foot, three-bedroom, three full bathroom Poncey Highland loft has two fireplaces, two balconies, four parking spaces and lots of room. Fonda, who’s been here for nearly two decades, bought up four units and had them converted into the modern home, decorated in a spare, futuristic fashion. The building was constructed in 2000.

“The loft has amazing view of Atlanta’s skyline—and a beautiful sky line it is! When the sun rises the buildings turn pink. And sunsets can be spectacular!’ – that is exactly what she wrote on her blog.

The loft is for sale for $4.5 million or can be rented for $10,000 a month. How do you like it?

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