Basement Remodeling Ideas


Basement Remodeling Ideas



Basement is another place in your home that is usually cluttered with stuff, well, say used as a storage area. But there are many ways to remodel your basement into a living space.

Basement can be turned into anything depending on your needs. Provided with a good sound insulation the basement can become a great music studio for rehearsals and recording. It can also become an entertainment area.

Your Own Bar

The bar stand and couple of seats can make a great place to hang out with friends without going outside your home. You can also set up a pool table there for ultimate bar-effect and for your own entertainment.

Your Own Cinema

Living room is one thing but when you want to really immerse into the world of film this would be a great place to hide from the chores and grab a cupful popcorn and watch some good movie. Big screen and soft sofas will create a very intimate and comfortable atmosphere.

Guest Room

If your basement is quite spacious then it can become a great guest room with additional bath and even a fireplace. Anytime your relatives or friends would want or need to stay over it will serve them a great guest room.

Kid’s Playroom

Kid’s playroom could be located at the basement as there is enough room for all the toys and stuff which usually clutters the kid’s room. It is also safe for children.


What a great place to equip with all the trainers and use as your personal gym! If you don’t like outdoor training and if you don’t have time for outside gyms this is a great opportunity to get your own gym inside your home.

Closet Organizer

The basement is usually used as a storage area so why not organize it?

Your Own Beauty

Salon Make a room for yourself where you can relax and get beautiful. Introducing SPA into your beauty basement you’ll have two in one inside your own home.


Looking forward for your ideas and comments!

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