How to Clean Wool Rugs?!


How to Clean Wool Rugs?!


Wool rugs add warmth and splash of color to the interior design. It’s important to keep regular maintenance of wool rugs and carpets. It’s also important to know how to clean them. Since wool rugs can be quite costly you need to clean them twice a week with a vacuum cleaner. Don’t use self adjusting vacuum cleaners as well as those with stiff brushes since these can cause fuzzing. Vacuum cleaner is great though in removing dirt, dust and fuzz from rugs. Shaking your wool rugs after vacuum cleaning can also be helpful in removing dust and fuzz.

Spot Cleaning

Rugs can unfortunately be stained from spills and dirt so a proper spot removal solution should be used to clean wool rugs from stains. Use a spot removal solution recommended by your wool rug/carpet manufacturer or mild detergent (that contains no bleach) mixed with warm water. Use clean piece of cloth in solution and blot the stain. Do not apply solution directly to the rug/carpet and avoid over wetting the rug. Do not rub the stain to avoid further spreading but rather blot working inwards to the rug’s base.

After you’ve done cleaning the spots dry the rug with clean paper towels. Layer them on the wet spot and press to remove the excess of moisture. Brush the rug with your fingers to restore its form and let it dry completely.

Deep Cleaning

If the wool rug or carpet is well maintained the general deep cleaning can be done once in several years. But it can be required to be performed once every year. For deep cleaning you can hire a professional or rent a special cleaning machine. Aerosol foam shampoo can be used for light cleaning. There is also a dry extraction method that allows to keep the rug dry the whole time while it’s being cleaned. Spray extraction method is used on extremely soiled carpets and rugs.

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