Julian Chichester Furnishings – Timeless Beauty


Julian Chichester Furnishings – Timeless Beauty


Julian Chichester is one of the world known British designers. The Chichester point of view can readily be seen in each and every one of his pieces – a contemporary interpretation of British style with a distinct historical undertone. It’s easy to understand why, since his first collection came together in late 1995, he hasn’t looked back and has continued to grow his brand.

Chichester’s contemporary designs are inspired by tradition and craft to create timeless furnishings.  In the last decade, he established an enviable reputation for classically inspired quality English Furniture. His influence comes from the great furniture designers of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, uniquely interpreted in a contemporary way. These ‘transitional’ pieces reflect Chichester’s European heritage and creative spirit.

Julian Chichester is is one of our favourite designers. Shawn Penoyer Interiors can help you find Julian Chichester furniture, lighting and accesories, ask about our service!

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