Lounge Chair NO.1 by Michal Bonikowski


Lounge Chair NO.1 by Michal Bonikowski


This unusual Lounge Chair NO.1 is a project by Michal Bonikowski. Its curved shape provides fresh lines and forms for home decor. Lounge Chair NO.1 is also stylish featuring a wooden frame and two black textured cushions for a back and a seat. The chair is also designed in gray-based white color.

Designer desctiprion:

Float away on a sea of tranquillity in this stylish lounge chair. There’s no place better to distress. Featuring a roomy plush, arc-shaped cushions with a plywood frame. This modern chair is available in two different set of colours, allowing it to easily fit into any existing design scheme.

The chair looks fresh and modern due to its unusual shape and beautiful design. The textured cushions add depth to it while the curved plywood frame offers new interesting lines to add to one’s home decor.

Michal Bonikowski is a Polish designer who’s specializing in product design. From wedding rings to ice-cream spoons there are many interesting designs and concepts for everyday objects. The Lounge Chair NO.2 is a more recognizable design concept but it promises relaxation that doesn’t require any psychotherapy.

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