Quick Kitchen Makeover Ideas


Quick Kitchen Makeover Ideas


Kitchen can be a challenge in terms of a makeover as it has more equipment and furniture than tapestry. So here are some ideas. It all depends on the kitchen size and style but even a vase of flowers sometimes can add a little special appeal to the kitchen.


Change Curtains

Changing curtains is the easiest way to slightly change things but they may not give the kitchen a drastic makeover. Still if the kitchen is small and curtains are one of its main focal points the new curtains can do the trick and make a subtle change in the room.

Add Color

White kitchen are great as you get to experiment with different other color in tableware, curtains and even furniture pieces. You can also add color by putting fruit bowl on display. A mentioned vase of flowers can also add freshness to the kitchen.

Of course a fresh coat of bright paint will not be implemented as quick as other makeover ideas but it is definitely worth it if you want to change the kitchen look dramatically.

Change Lighting

Changing lighting can be both useful and aesthetically worthy. Some lighting fixtures add some extra appeal to the kitchen making it look more room-like and elegant.


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