Selling a House, Ideas To Increase House Curb Appeal


Selling a House, Ideas To Increase House Curb Appeal


Whether you are selling the house or living in it curb appeal is what draws the eye to the house, especially for potential buyers. So in order to increase house curb appeal the regular clean up might be enough if the paint is smooth and all parts are intact.

Clean up

Clean up the area around the house. Remove litter if there’s any, get rid or hide away of tools and things you don’t use everyday. The house will suddenly stand out and look clean and tidy. Wash the windows and mop the porch and it will look even better.

Mow the Lawn

Keep the lawn clean from weed and cut even. It will give the front yard extra appeal. Rake leaves and trim bushes or trees. Trimming will give them and the house extra clean and well-groomed look. Also keep other greenery in check by removing weeds and trimming it if needed.


Outdoor lighting can make a difference even during the day when it’s not in use. Opt for creative outdoor lanterns that match your house. They don’t have to be expensive just attractive and suit the character of a house.

Go Further

If the paint is faded and cracked the house may lose its appeal but if you are ready to invest you can change the color scheme and give the house a whole new look. If the paint is intact but something’s missing try to paint the door some bold color or replace it if it got worn out.

There are plenty more ideas of increasing the house curb appeal from landscaping to outdoor decorating but the basic things are clean front yard, attractive and convenient driveway and a welcoming porch. You can add many different decorations to the front yard to increase house’s curb appeal from flowerbeds to beautiful statues or fountain.

Home Staging

How about interiors when you are selling a house? When people look at a home for sale, they judge every detail the moment they see it. If they see gorgeous, high-style furnishings placed perfectly in your home, they assume the sellers have great taste.  In Atlanta, luxury home staging has become the norm, making it an almost necessary step in the real estate market. When you stage your home with the ultimate furnishings, your home will look its finest. You want to show buyers that your home is a gorgeous, stylish home worthy of being beautiful. When you stage, it is easier for buyers to see what furniture will work in your home.

Shawn Penoyer Interiors, is pleased to offer a professional home staging service for homes or showrooms on the market. Give your home for sale the ultimate in furniture, art and layout design. The designers at Shawn Penoyer Interiors blends their own brand of stylish contemporary furniture and vintage inspired furnishings, accessories, Sculpted walls, abstract artwork and more to give your home a highly dramatic and sexy look that will sell your home for top dollar.

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