Shawn Penoyer Interiors & glamorous Alta Moda Furniture


Shawn Penoyer Interiors & glamorous Alta Moda Furniture


Shawn Penoyer interior designs from Alta Moda are simply luxurious. Here are the Shawn Penoyer Interiors designs of a living room, kid’s room and dining rooms with Alta Moda furniture and accesories. The Italian company Alta Moda is releases furniture sets, lighting, bathroom equipment and other accessories. They also work on contract with interior designers like Shawn Penoyer from Atlanta and create custom interior designs.

Alta Moda interior designs are made in Art Deco style. Luxurious materials include best woods, crystals, leather and marabou ostrich feathers. The color schemes are not only monochromatic. In a kid’s room below Alta Moda used bright pin, white and purple color scheme to create a princess bedroom.

Alta Moda dining rooms are very luxurious even glamorous. Fur upholstered chairs, silver of gold trimmed furniture and daring color schemes. The living room is lusciously upholstered and furnished with creative armchairs, sofa and tables. Each interior design is finished with deers as a signature of Alta Moda decor.

Alta Moda interior designs are dimensional and rich in prints and patterns. The walls are upholstered to match some furniture elements. All the materials are high quality and luxurious. Check out these airy interior designs below.

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