Shawn’s advice – Arranging Furniture


Shawn’s advice – Arranging Furniture


Arranging furniture is a creative process of decorating. The easiest way of arranging your furniture is finding a focal point. A focal point can be a painting, window or fireplace. It is better if it’s anchored to the wall so that you could move your furniture away from the walls and create an interesting arrangement.

When arranging your furniture make sure the pathways were easy and clear. Otherwise the place will feel cluttered and will have obstacles on the way. Place the sofa or a couch in the middle of the room and complete the grouping with a coffee table and armchairs.

Try placing the tables within the reach of seating place and make sure they are the same height. Also try different angles as it brings in some style to the arrangement. For instance, if your sofa is set parallel to the wall put an armchair diagonally across the room.

For the bedroom angled arrangement can also be a great option. Patterned rugs, blankets and curtains can also jazz up the view even with the conventional furniture arrangement.

If you have a multipurpose room and you want to distinguish one area from another find a focal point in each area and arrange furniture around them. For instance, a table or seating place of your dining room is arranged by the window or under the painting. While the other half of the room has its own focal point. Thus you will emphasize the difference between the rooms accentuating the purpose of each of them.

Remember the decorating rule about coordinating various sizes. Too many big furniture pieces will look awkward while too many small pieces will make the room look cluttered. Play with the angles, use unusual or creative furniture to help you jazz up your place.

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