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Interior accessories are part of home decor. They can jazz up or clutter the space. It is important to know how to arrange any pieces because you may have an unlimited budget for home decorations but it does not necessarily mean they all will fit in your decor or will play their role just standing somewhere on the shelf or table.

Think of ensembles. Ensembles include various things that may have various purposes – decorative as well as functional. Vases and candles, lamps and beautiful empty vessels should all have their place where they can light up and jazz up the atmosphere. Of course when it comes to such functional accessories as lamps they should be placed where they will serve the purpose. Other stuff like dishes and vases, paintings and embroidered candlesticks should adorn the atmosphere rather than just occupy the space.

Shapes and sizes

It is unmentionable that the accessories you use for your home decoration should fit in the design, concept or atmosphere you want to create or emphasize with your accessories. Do not try to fit in huge objects into small space or do otherwise. Interior accessories should work harmoniously with the rest of decor.

Combine shapes and sizes thus you will have an interesting composition on your table or shelf. Do not place same size or shape bottles next to each other. Use the plate of the matching color and couple of bottles of different shapes and sizes. Play with textures and color combination. Combine functional and decorative things.


Want to avoid boredom? Find a contrast. Classic compositions are not always boring but if you want to create something that expresses your style look for contrasts in colors, textures, shapes, and places where you can put your accessories.


Don’t be misguided when it is said that the items you choose as interior accessories should fit in your home decor. If you have a contemporary style living room it doesn’t mean crystal embroidered chandelier won’t work with it. The contrast in styles gives uniqueness to your decor. Crossing the boundaries can be both ugly and beautiful you just need to look for harmonious combination of color, textures, and shapes.

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