Shawn’s advice – Bathroom Design Ideas


Shawn’s advice – Bathroom Design Ideas


Bathroom decor doesn’t have to be all about function. Besides aesthetic things can be functional too as well as vice versa so here are some ideas for a creative bathroom design. Unusual colors, materials and other design solutions will help look at the bathroom with new and fresh eyes. Before decorating think and choose the style you want in the bathroom. Do you want to make it look more room-like or hi-tech?

Color Scheme

The key decorating factor that will set the mood for the bathroom is, of course, the color scheme. Choosing interesting color mixes that will suit and convey the bathroom style is important. Look for interesting and uncommon hues in color palettes to achieve unique color scheme.

Unusual Bathtub

Unusual and creative bathtub will definitely give a whole new look to the bathroom since its the room’s main focal point. Free standing bathtubs are beautiful and can be very decorative. Many bathrooms with these bathtubs look very room-like and creative.

Wall & Floor Decor

Wall and floor decor can also bring in creativity to the bathroom design. Tiles come in a variety of colors and patterns and they are easy to wash and maintain. Wallpaper is a luxury for the bathroom but it can be seen in some beautiful bathroom designs.

Creative sinks and vanities, storage systems and lighting can also add to the bathroom creative design. Make sure the bathtub, sink and furniture match in style or nicely contrast and simply go well together.

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