Shawn's advice – Bookcase Organization


Shawn's advice – Bookcase Organization


If you have an extensive book collection it might be hard to find the right book in an unorganized bookcase or shelving. Here are some tips from Shawn Penoyer on how to organize a bookcase. As with the wardrobe start with sorting out the books for favorites, helpful and useless. Get rid of the books you never read and not going to read. If the collection is too extensive and constantly growing you might want to keep track of the books you already have. You can catalog the books in a journal.

Organize by Color

Organizing by color can not only help keep books in order but also give the bookcase an interesting eye-drawing colorful twist. It is also easy to do. Just take all the blue books and place together and do the same for other colors.

Organize by Height

If organizing by color doesn’t work try organizing books by height. First pick all the tall books and place them together, then organize smaller and shorted books.

Organize by Theme

If you want to relate more to the books‘ contents then organize them by theme. Mark each shelf with a sticker that names the theme and put all the related books on that shelf. Thus you will know what each book is about.

Organize by Alphabet

Take this organization tip from the library. For each letter of the alphabet you will need a card that is placed between the books or fixed to the shelf. Place all the books organizing them by alphabet after each letter card.

Organize by Volume

Some books come in several parts or volumes. Since they usually come in set and of same size and color it’s easy to organize them especially with other multivolume sets.

In order to keep bookcase a bit decorative leave some space between the books of different colors or height and put a vase or bowl there.

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