Shawn's advice – Choosing your Wardrobe


Shawn's advice – Choosing your Wardrobe


Wardrobes are very important in every person’s house because this is the place where we store our clothes, so we need it. There is no such a thing as the perfect wardrobe, but there is the perfect wardrobe for each person in particular. The perfect wardrobe satisfies that person’s needs and is purchased depending on its possibilities, too.

The person’s life style is very important when looking for a new wardrobe. For example if the owner is a young person who wears only T-shirts and jeans, then the best wardrobe is one with many compartments and lots of drawers for the socks and everything else. But if the person who wants to purchase wardrobes is a businessman or businesswoman they should consider one with a very large compartment for hanging the suits and only a few smaller compartments for sweaters, T-shirts and other clothes that can be folded.

If the wardrobe is meant for the children’s room, make sure it is very solid and not very tall because you want to avoid any kind of accidents like the wardrobe falling on the kids if pushed or pulled. Choose happy colors like yellow, orange and even red for this room, but try to match the rest of the furniture.

Try to find a wardrobe that does not stand directly on the floor, but has at least some small feet because this way you ensure the proper space under it, so necessary for avoiding mold, fungus and moisture. Do not press it against the wall, but leave there, too, a few inches a space for a proper aeration.

There are so many different models and colors that you have the opportunity to choose whatever you want to, but make sure it fits the room and the house. And always measure the wardrobe and the door of the room where you want to put it in order to avoid unpleasant accidents like buying too big a wardrobe for your bedroom and realizing it only when at home, struggling to make it enter a smaller door.

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