Shawn’s advice – How to Find Interesting Color Scheme?


The color scheme sets the mood and atmosphere in the room. But it is also a design solution that prompts the future home decor. Choosing a color scheme can be difficult. There are so many hues and combinations. But once the paint is chosen and walls are painted there is still some work and decoration to do in order to add depth to the chosen color scheme and add character to it.

Adding Accents

Even if you chose a classic black and white color scheme it can be made more interesting with some bright and color accents like in the picture above. Black and white can also withstand more than one bright color as well as color blocking. Add color in throw pillows, furniture pieces, vases, accessories and other various home decorations.

Experiment with Color Wheel and Hues

Experimenting with the color wheel and hues by using paint samples or regular watercolor and a piece of paper you can find an interesting color scheme while trying various color combinations and mixes. Try not only pastel or brights combinations but also mix the neutrals and pastels with bright colors.

Get Inspired by Visual Arts

Browse through artworks or photography in the book or on the web to find an interesting and original color scheme. Visual arts unavoidably deal with color so it is a great source of interesting color mixes. Fashion and clothes can too be used as an inspiration.

If you still have problem feel free to ask Shawn Penoyer about advice!

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