Shawn’s advice – Interior Decorations on Budget, Wallpaper or Paint?!


Shawn’s advice – Interior Decorations on Budget, Wallpaper or Paint?!


There are some interior decorations that can help cut budget. But when it comes to wall decoration what is the most efficient interior solution? Wallpaper vs. paint. Each has pros and cons depending on price and quality. While paint is still most popular and easiest wall decoration method hanging wallpaper has become less messy a task.

Budget-wise it all depends on which wallpaper or paint you choose and whether you apply it yourself or not. Wallpaper or wall coverings are now made of wide range of materials from vinyl to fabrics and foil. Inexpensive paint will cost less than wall coverings plus installation given that you will be painting walls yourself.

On the other hand, wallpaper is more durable in high-traffic areas as living rooms, bedrooms, kid’s rooms, and dining rooms. Besides wallpaper can give the wall original and unique texture and print. Paint is more practical in high-humidity areas as kitchens and bathrooms. The wallpaper will soon peel away from the walls in the room with high humidity.

The paint is washable but at the same time is getting dirty quickly. The wallpaper can serve you up to 15 years, which can be efficient in the long run, while with paint you save here and now. Besides  if  you’ve already used wallpaper you’ll have to peel it off and even the wall before painting it or hanging new wallpaper. Anyway now it is possible to find some economic solutions to wall decoration.

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