Unique Lam Lee Accesories


Unique Lam Lee Accesories


Lam Lee was founded more than 50 years ago and specialized in production of decorative goods in Chinese and Japanese styles. In 1980 talented artist Lam Lee, whose name is legislative in today’s world of design and interior, became the head of the company. Masterly transformed classic basis find new, stunning perception in Lam Lee works. Wide usage of ancient Chinese techniques and manual production provided success and exclusiveness of Lam Lee works. The use of exotic species of wood, metal, resin, gold and silver leafy technique, pearl, ancient lacquers and elephant leather finishing create unique, recognizable world of Lam Lee.

Shawn Penoyer Interiors carries a large selection of Lam Lee furniture, lighting and accesories. Please check out our shopping cart for other Lane Venture items that we are proud to carry!

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