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Contemporary sofas add a certain je ne sais quoi to your home, but maybe we need to take a leaf out of Jessie J’s book and ‘do it like a dude’ with masculine style.

Masculine decorating does not mean turning your beautiful home into a bachelor pad. Masculine style is all about achieving maximum comfort with minimal effort. Shawn Penoyer found sofa that is perfect for male living room and it’s much more just than seating.

Contemporary sofas with in-built audio equipment

Sound and vision collections of contemporary sofas combine modern design with technology, allowing you to listen to music and watch the TV or even create a home cinema experience, all controlled from your sofa.

The Natuzzi Surround is a stunning white leather sofa with an iPod docking station and audio kit with remote control built in.

Now that you’ve got the sofa sorted, you’ll need a TV unit to house the giant TV screen that men seem to worship. The French oak Levinia is available in either a two draw or combination unit and will effectively house your TV, DVD player, DVDs and remotes with minimum fuss.

You can even buy the whole range of matching furniture, from wall shelves to the extending dining room table, thus saving yourself the time and the bother of trying to find pieces that match later.

Forget the cushions

Men don’t really see the point in cushions, they don’t understand why anyone would buy a sofa or a chair which isn’t comfortable enough and so requires more upholstery in the form of cushions to improve it. And let’s be honest, sometimes, they have a point.

The key is to find furniture so comfortable it needs no embellishments. The Le Corbusier chaise longue, in supple black leather and brushed stainless steel features its own inbuilt headrest and cushions and more than fits the bill.

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