Shawn’s advice – Bedroom Budget Renovation Ideas


Shawn’s advice – Bedroom Budget Renovation Ideas


Every room needs a renovation from time to time. The extent of work of course depends on the budget but there are always some tricks that both help give the room a new fresh look and save some money. Sbawn Penoyer would like to share with you his experience.

So how does one renovate a bedroom on budget? It all of course depends on one’s needs, budget and taste. Before shopping for new materials and furniture be sure to set the budget. Sales and special offers might be tempting but it’s important to remember that the quality always goes first.

Set Priorities

What needs to be painted, replaced or redecorated first? If a bed is as good as new or will at least serve well for another five years focus on the walls and other furniture items that need renovation. Reupholster, buy a new wardrobe, or carpet depending on what your needs are. If a bed is good but the mattress has deteriorated then replacing just the mattress would be more feasible than buying an entirely new bed.


Old furniture can be recycled and redecorated to give a bedroom new fresh look. Reupholstering, repainting, decoupaging, etc., will give a whole new look to the furniture and the bedroom. If wardrobe is a number one priority invest in it.


Give the walls a fresh coat of paint or change the color that would still go well with the decor. Simply changing a hue from paler to brighter or vice versa will give the bedroom a fresher look. The empty walls can be filled with wall art or decorations.


Sometimes accessories can do more than we would expect. Change the bed linens to bright new ones, buy new bedspreads, add a mirror, a flower vase, a headboard, a rug and the bedroom will look more detailed and fresh. Curtains are important so make sure they fit the decor and look nice.

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