Shawn’s advice – Freshen Up Dining Room Design

There are easy and budget-friendly ways to freshen up the dining room. A new wall paint makes for a dramatic change while the reupholstered chairs can add a splash of color to the washed out decor.

It’s not difficult to freshen up a dining room on a budget. A different wall paint color or some other details may change the look of the room in a big way. Think about what needs changing in the room. Is it a color scheme, decorations or lighting? Coordinate the changes with what you have to achieve harmonious new look.

Fresh New Color

Give your dining room a fresh new color with bright or light wall paint. Choose a new hue that will allow to keep furniture and just go for it. A different color will freshen up the design and give the whole room a makeover. Make sure the new color works with the existing furniture unless you want to reupholster it to mix and match with the new color.

New Curtains

If there are windows in the dining room choose new curtains that will both fit the room’s design but still bring in something new like a splash of color or pattern. Pattern can bring detail to the design.

New Chandelier

A chandelier can make such an impact in the dining room especially when hovering over the table. Opt for the chandelier that would fit the dining room style. If the dining room is sleek and minimalist go for something more intricate however, if the dining room is detailed opt for a sleeker chandelier.

Revamp Chairs

Since the table is a more expensive investment revamping the chairs may give the new look to the design and yet save money. Reupholster or repaint the chairs to match or contrast with the new paint color or curtains. Colorful chairs can also add tons of color to the room especially if it is designed in neutral and pastel color scheme.

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