Shawn's advice – How to Make Candles


Shawn's advice – How to Make Candles


Handmade candles are something to be proud of. In this article Shawn gives you advice on how to do candles by yourself. Besides they serve their function and also play a role of interior accessories. Candles can be made of wax, old candles and paraffin. So you have to choose your materials prepare a mold or molds, wicks and coloring agents if you want colorful, bright candles that will match your interior color scheme.

In order to melt wax you’ll need a double boiler. Be careful when melting the wax as it is flammable and should not be overheated, left unattended and melted in a single boiler. Use fire extinguisher or baking soda to put out the fire caused by wax.

When the wax has reached pouring state pour it into the mold (plastic cut bottle or some special mold) and tap it a little to release air from the wax. Leave some wax to top the finished candle with. Cool the candle and put into the fridge for ten minutes. You can put the wick in it before or after the wax is poured.

Take the candle out of the mold and you can polish or spray it with nylon stocking or candle spray.

Cover all the candle-making area with paper as the dry wax is very hard to clean off. By the same reason do not pour the wax down your sink, it will plug the pipes. Use the pots that you don’t cook in. In order for candle to come out of the mold easily rub the mold walls with some vegetable oil.

You can use thick cotton thread as a wick. In order to make it easier to insert the wick in the candle wax the wick and place it straight to air dry to make it look like a stick. When the wax in the mold has cooled place the straight wick stick into the center of the future candle.

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