Shawn's advice – How to Make Candlestick Out of Bottle?


Shawn's advice – How to Make Candlestick Out of Bottle?


If you are a candle-lover the candlestick is the thing you absolutely cannot burn candles without. Here is the easiest way to make a candlestick that Shawn Penoyer offers you to try. There are many beautiful ways of recycling old wine bottles but the easiest one is to make a candlestick. Take an empty wine bottle peel off the labels and stick residue. If you want to you can paint the bottle with tempera paint. Using a masking tape make a pattern on your bottle and paint the open areas with the paint. Leave it to dry for the night then peel off the tape to see the result.

Then take a slim candle which you have to stick into the bottle til it’s half inch into it. It should stand straight and firm. As the candle will burn the wax will beautifully cover the bottle so may not even bother painting it. Though if you want the painted bottle clean make some kind of funnel between the bottle and a candle. This will collect all the wax which you will be able to remove any time. When the candle has burnt down it will fall into the bottle so you can reuse the bottle as a candlestick again.

Green Illuminations make absolutely wonderful and beautiful candle lanterns and lamps out of old wine bottles. Take note of these green 100% handcrafted bottle lamps that contain candles inside as well as cork creations, candles and melting flares.

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