Shawn’s advice – How To Use Closet Space


Shawn’s advice – How To Use Closet Space


Closet is a great place for storage. But when there isn’t enough rooms in the home it can become something more than that. Here are some alternative uses preaperd by Shawn Penoyer for a closet space.

Closet is a popular storage space that’s used as a wardrobe or simply a storage. But there are more uses for closet. If the closet has enough space one may add another room to the house or apartment. The closet can become a more functional space as well.


Additional bedroom in small-spaced home can be a pressing issue that can be resolved with help of closet space that can be redecorated to suit the bed style. It’s a great solution for one room apartments. Since the closet can be very tight the space can be kept space open by removing the door. To provide privacy a fabric curtain can be used.

Kid’s Play Room

The closet can also be used as kid’s play room in small-spaced homes. Or it can be redesigned into a nursery or a reading nook.

Home Office

A closet can also be made into a home office or simply a working area. Hidden behind the doors or curtains closet shelves can be used for storage or as a desk for writing or working on the computer.

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