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Arranging Interior Accessories

Interior accessories are part of home decor. They can jazz up or clutter the space. It is important to know how to arrange any pieces because you may have an unlimited budget for home decorations but it does not necessarily mean they all will fit in your decor or will play their role just standing […]

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Making Low Ceilings Look Higher

There are several tricks that Shawn Penoyer recommends and everyone can use to create an illusion of a high ceiling in the interior. First of all it is important to choose the right color for the ceiling if it’s to be painted. Then there are vertical lines such as stripes, curtains, and other decorations that […]

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Ceiling Remodeling

Remodeling your ceiling can be a bright idea. It will not only give your room a spark, it might also hide imperfections and other problems. Ceiling design is as important as wall decor and flooring. It can add depth to your room decor and set the right mood. It can also become a focal point […]

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Wallpaper or Paint?

There are some interior decorations that can help cut budget. But when it comes to wall decoration what is the most efficient interior solution? Wallpaper vs. paint? Each has pros and cons depending on price and quality. While paint is still most popular and easiest wall decoration method hanging wallpaper has become less messy a […]

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How to add flocking to a wall to emulate expensive wallpaper

Here is a way to make a boringĀ painted wall look like expensive wallpaper… and without the seams and lines! Fist you need to add your base paint to the wall that you are working on. I like to do this in variations of the same color palette. For this example iĀ am doing a black wall […]

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