How to add flocking to a wall to emulate expensive wallpaper

Here is a way to make a boring painted wall look like expensive wallpaper… and without the seams and lines!

Fist you need to add your base paint to the wall that you are working on. I like to do this in variations of the same color palette. For this example i am doing a black wall painted as the base in matte or flat black, and then i am adding the flocking powder to the wall with a simple stencil.

Here are the materials  you will need:


Stencil Materials

  • Spray glue
  • Paint brush with wide beam
  • Flocking material
  • Stencil

Choose a stencil or you can make your own. there are an unlimited number of Stencil options to choose from at stores such as Michael’s, Sam Flax, Ultrecht, or any other art stores. you can Also have a custom stencil made for you.

Once you’ve had you stencil made in the pattern or design you are looking and you have prepared the base coat on the wall, it is time to add your stencil. It is a good idea to decide beforehand how you want the stencil pattern and frequency on the wall.

Attach the Stencil with blue painters tape to the wall where you want the flocking to appear and position correctly.

Using your spray glue, Spray the Stencil and this will leave a tacky area  that the locking material will attach itself to. Be careful not to spray this glue too heavily, a little is all you need, but be sure that the glue covers that entire area to be flocked. Also make sure that the stencil is firmly against the wall… you don’t want the spray glue to go under the stencil.

Let this glue sit a minute so i starts to dry, but you want it to still be tacky. Take your brush and gently dip it into the flocking material, and then dust it gentle over the glued area of the wall where the stencil is. you will see the areas of flocking adhere to the wall.

When complete and the coverage is  how you want, remove the stencil and repeat this process until the wall is finished.

Have fun!

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