Making Bedroom Design More Interesting

Bedroom might be a low-traffic area but it doesn’t mean it should be designed in a conventional manner. There are quite a few ways to make bedroom design interesting. It can be easily achieved through color scheme, unusual bed and furniture, as well as accessories and decorations.

Add Architectural Details

When choosing a room for bedroom in a new house go for the one with larger windows and/or balcony. Interesting architectural details will add to the bedroom’s design. Such details can also be added during remodeling. Interesting trim work, window, ceiling, and doorway design will make the room interesting and unique.


Clutter makes the room look busy and disharmonious. De-clutter the bedroom vanity or a writing desk. Let the decorations and unusual furnishings stand out. Use organizers to store all the things in order and out of sight or beautifully on display.

Change Lighting

Sometimes lighting can change a lot. There are several different ways of arranging lighting in the room to make it look more interesting. Use target lights to emphasize certain parts of the bedroom design or add interesting pendant lights in forms of starry night sky.


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