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Chaise Lounge

A fainting couch or chaise lounge is a beautiful furniture item that can be used in interior design not just for its charming style but also function. Fainting couches have been highly popular during 19th century but their origin dates back to Greek, Egyptian and Roman times. The fainting couch has a beautiful curved wooden […]

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Ottoman in Home Decor

Ottoman has been used as a stool and footrest for quite a while before acquiring new functions. Now it has many uses and comes in a variety of shapes, styles and fabrics. There are legged and tufted ottomans, there are hollow ottomans for storage purposes and there are also pet-friendly models. An ottoman is a […]

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Living Room Seating Area Arrangement

Living room seating area sets the mood of the room. It constitutes the room. The seating arrangement depends on the atmosphere the room needs as well as the on the size of the room. Arrangement Seating area arrangement may depend on the size of the living room. Small rooms require close furniture arrangement which is […]

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Organizing Laundry Room

A separate laundry can be really useful in keeping the technology out of sight. As well as it can be useful in storing a laundry basket together with all kinds of cleaning products. But in order to keep all these things in order it’s important to properly organize the laundry room. Clothes use baskets for […]

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Decorating with Patterned Wallpaper

The wallpaper designs come in many various patterns and colors so it’s important to consider the size of the room when choosing pattern and color of the wallpaper. The smaller the room the subtler the pattern should be. Mixing patterns and colors can help create unique and interesting decor. Patterned wallpaper brings great dynamic to […]

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Bedside table is an important item of bedroom furnishing. It serves as storage and a side table. Bedroom furniture sets usually come with one or two nightstands but if the bed was bought separately there are various bedside table designs to choose from. A beautiful and unusual nightstand or bedside table will add charm to […]

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Gym Equipment in your Home

Home gym requires extra space and there isn’t always any. So how to fit the gym equipment into the interior design without sacrificing the room appearance? Gym equipment can be different so it’s important to choose the pieces that suits one’s purposes. Size Big gym equipment pieces can overload the room interior design, so it’s […]

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Bathtub in a Bedroom

Bathtub in a bedroom is an interesting design trend. It may not be very practical but it surely is dramatic. Bathtub in bedroom is an unusual design trend. In order to install a bathtub in the bedroom the remodeling is needed. Behind the technical specifications the bathtub in bedroom requires a careful decorating planning. It’s […]

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