Bathtub in a Bedroom

Bathtub in a bedroom is an interesting design trend. It may not be very practical but it surely is dramatic. Bathtub in bedroom is an unusual design trend. In order to install a bathtub in the bedroom the remodeling is needed.

Behind the technical specifications the bathtub in bedroom requires a careful decorating planning. It’s important to consider all pros and cons of having a bathtub in bedroom.

The prons are that it’s certainly beautiful and unexpected to have a bathtub in bedroom. But this means that the bathtub should look aesthetically pleasing as well as fit the bedroom style. It’s also an option for those who like bathroom to have a more room-like feel to it. But still the shower and toilet will have to be installed in a separate room. Although there are designs that also have sinks and shower right in the bedroom.

The cons are the steaming of the bedroom, lack of privacy, and probably the cost of remodeling, decorative bathtub, and floors.

What do you think about the bathtub in bedroom trend?


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