Chaise Lounge

A fainting couch or chaise lounge is a beautiful furniture item that can be used in interior design not just for its charming style but also function. Fainting couches have been highly popular during 19th century but their origin dates back to Greek, Egyptian and Roman times. The fainting couch has a beautiful curved wooden frame with  a back rest raised at one side.

There are quite a few uses for a fainting couch. It can be used as a seat in a seating area or as a daybed for rest. Some have the fainting couch in a hallway which adds a decorative touch to it thanks to the elegant curved wooden frame and quality upholstery of a fainting couch.

Even though a Victorian fainting couch looks elegant and opulent it can still be used in a modern style decor. It can add more elegance and classic touch to the modern decor. Some accessories and decorations like classic clocks or a chair will help unify the modern theme of the decor and an elegant touch of a fainting couch.

The fainting couch comes in a variety of modern interpretations but the vintage style has its own charm. Replicated vintage fainting couches can be found in the stores but the original 19th century fainting couches can be quite costly.

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