Decorating with Patterned Wallpaper

The wallpaper designs come in many various patterns and colors so it’s important to consider the size of the room when choosing pattern and color of the wallpaper. The smaller the room the subtler the pattern should be. Mixing patterns and colors can help create unique and interesting decor.

Patterned wallpaper brings great dynamic to the decor. It adds liveliness and detail filling up the space with it. Patterned wallpaper is also more difficult to decorate with as it is already very rich in detail. Although it doesn’t’ mean the rest of the decor should be plain and simple.

Choose Pattern

A pattern should be chosen carefully according to the size of the room. Big busy patterns can make the room look small and cluttered so if the room is lacks space it’s better to choose textured one color wallpaper or the one with small subtle patterns. If the room is big enough any wild patterns can be used to create a unique decor.

Choose Colour

Color is important as always. Choose it carefully to avoid making the room smaller. The multicolor patterned wallpaper adds more detail to the decor. And there are many colors to choose from. If there is one predominant color in the wallpaper it is better to choose furniture in the opposite or neutral colors in order to balance out the decor.

Mix and Match

The pattern doesn’t necessarily have to go alone. Mixing and matching patterns in different walls can create a whole new dynamic in the room. The floral and stripes in the same color scheme can work together. As for the colors the bright patterned wallpaper can be matched to a bold one-color furniture. If the whole furniture set in a bright color is too much choose only a chair to function as an accent in the room’s decor.

The wallpaper can be used only on a feature wall in case it’s too overwhelming for the whole room. It will still add detail and color but will make decorating a bit easier.




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