Organizing Laundry Room

A separate laundry can be really useful in keeping the technology out of sight. As well as it can be useful in storing a laundry basket together with all kinds of cleaning products. But in order to keep all these things in order it’s important to properly organize the laundry room.


use baskets for sorting out and storing the clean and dirty clothes. A clothes rack can be useful for drying the clean wet clothes. Some spacious laundry rooms have a wardrobe for storing clean clothes but if the laundry room is humid then it’s better not to store clothes there.

Cleaning Products

A simple cabinet can be used to store the cleaning products out of sight creating a clean and polished look. But these can also be stored on open shelves in decorative jars and containers. The open shelving with the cleaning products can also be covered with a piece of opaque cloths.

Ironing Board

The laundry room is an ideal place for an ironing board even if it only has a room for its storage. The plus of a folding ironing board is that it takes little space.



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