Columns In Interior Design

Columns in the interior design look grand and attractive. They provide the interior with lines and shapes that make for stylish architectural detail. Even if your home doesn’t feature columns you can add them blending into the wall or in molding or use them as freestanding decor elements.

Built-In Columns

Ready built-in columns may require a certain decor that would fit with the arechitectural style of the interior. Traditional and luxurious styles go very well with the columns in interior design.

Free-Standing Columns

Free-stainding columns make for great home decorations adding an architectural detail to simple plain interiors. These can be acquired in various sizes and shapes and styles as well as function as plant and art piece stands.

If you still have some questions how to use colums as freestanding decor elements in your home feel free to contact Shawn Penoyer Interiors team, top interior desingers in Atlanta who are always happy to solve your interior decorating problems.

Alan Stavros



Atlanta High end interior Designer