Interior Design Problems – Washing Machine In Interior Design

Fitting a washing machine into interior design can be a headache. It may not always fit the interior and there can no spare room for a laundry room. There are quite a few ways of solving this design problem from choosing the right room to creating a hidden laundry nook.

Laundry Nook

A laundry nook can be created in a number of places in the house including closet, space under the stairs, and wall niche. A laundry nook can be hidden with a curtain, custom door and other dividers. Hallway can also provide with some nooks and spaces for setting up laundry.

Kitchen or Bathroom

Kitchen and bathroom are perfect for housing a washing machine. They are more technologically equipped hence making it easier to fit a washing machine and a dryer. The machine can be fir under the sink to save space in a small bathroom. A washing machine can also be placed in a crafts room or a dressing room.

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