Shawn's advice – Stone Finishes In Bathroom Design

Want to add a special touch to the bathroom design? Stone texture and form can add a lot to the bathroom design-wise. Stone-finished walls and floors create a special atmosphere of bathing or showering in a wild cave near the waterfall.

Stone Feature Wall

Design a feature or a shower wall in stone to add a luxurious touch to the decor. It can be patterned marble or a raw natural stone. Such finish will add texture and detail to the design.

Stone Bathtub

A stone bathtub is a luxurious feature that could add a lot of character to the bathroom. Stone bathtubs are quite costly so a regular bathtub could be built into a natural stone pedestal as an alternative.

Type of Stone

There are various types of stones polished and rough to choose from when designing a bathroom from natural stone to luxurious marble. Choose the type of stone that fits into the budget and add different other material to create a dynamic in textures.

Alan Stavros


Atlanta High end interior Designer

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