Shawn’s Ideas – Dramatic Dressing Table Design

Dressing table is a part of almost any bedroom. Get inspired to create a dramatic dressing nook. Dressing tables may come with the bedroom set but if you want something more dramatic ditch the matchy-matchy look for an eclectic mix.

Statement Table

Choose a table or a console that fits the style of the room and suits the rest of the furniture yet features some character of its own. There are many various designs and styles for almost any budget on the market from mirrored dressing tables to futuristic lots. This will set the tone for the dressing nook and add a dramatic touch to the entire bedroom.

Dramatic Mirror

Add a dramatic mirror. Find one in peculiar and creative shape or frame and it will emphasize the intricate design of the dressing table. Set the two together and look if they work well. Opt for similar materials in both mirror and dressing table to make them look good together.

Elegant Seat

Go with the seat that suits your character and style. It can be a Moroccan pouf, a classic elegant chair or a modern soft stool. The seat style will also depend on the style of the room but you can customize any of these items to suit the rest of the decor.

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