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Quick Kitchen Makeover Ideas

  Kitchen can be a challenge in terms of a makeover as it has more equipment and furniture than tapestry. So here are some ideas. It all depends on the kitchen size and style but even a vase of flowers sometimes can add a little special appeal to the kitchen.   Change Curtains Changing curtains […]

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How to make a Wine Cellar in your basement?

  While building a wine cellar in your basement is a formidable task, the rewards are considerable and include creating greater value to your home. For every dollar invested building a wine cellar, you will easily see a 3-dollar return in increased property value. Plus, as a wine enthusiast, creating a cellar allows you to […]

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Autumn Cleaning Gutters and Downspouts

Gutters and downspouts should be cleaned and checked for signs of necessary repairs at least twice a year. Typically, the best times to do this are late spring and late fall. If you suspect a problem or live in an extremely rainy climate, then perhaps, you should check them more frequently. Gathering Gutter Cleaning Supplies […]

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Hanging a Framed Mirror

  Before you start to hang your framed mirror, you need to do some research into the best methods of installing this type of mirror. You can do a lot with a framed mirror, but you need to work out how to hang it so that it looks good, and is a useful item in […]

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How to Change Home Air Filters?!

  Changing your heating and cooling system filters should be done once a month to make sure you and your family are breathing the cleanest air and protecting your heating and air conditioning system from unnecessary wear. A dirty filter does not let as much air through and that taxes your system so you use […]

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How to Build a King Size Platform Bed?!

  The simplest kind of bed, platform beds are usually built close to the ground, and most often without headboards or footboards. Japanese futon beds are most famously used with platform beds, but many European and Scandinavian countries have been sleeping on platform beds for hundreds of years as well. Buying a king sized platform […]

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How to winterize your swimming pool?

For gardeners, the beginning of fall is a reminder that it’s time to prepare for the cold winter months. Your swimming pool must also be prepped. The main reasons to winterize your pool are to protect it from damage caused by freezing water and to keep it clean for next year. Learn how to successfully […]

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Top 10 tips for the perfect autumn garden

1. Tidy up! The very wet summer, combined with a warm September, means that plant mildew will be a problem this autumn. Remember that garden hygiene is more important than ever this year because of the soggy summer. Everything looks very lush and green at the moment, but you could be storing up problems for […]

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