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Armani Casa

“If you don’t know what to dress up for going out, then choose Armani.” This just shows how big success the Armani has achieved in the fashion dressing industry. People might not ever think that it will take part in the furniture industry. On September of 2000, when the Armani Casa Home Collection first came […]

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Will You Let Aston Martin Drive You Home?

Aston Martin is breaking into your living room with these Italian Designed Furniture. The company, Aston Martin Interiors based out of Milan, is unveiling a line of products for your home and office that features state of the art technology and design in Furniture. The sofa carries minimalistic lines inspired by the form and curves […]

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Versace wants your furniture to be fashionable

Interiors della Versace follow one basic principle – the same one, in fact, that guides the label’s ready-to-wear. “Versace is all about glamour and sexiness, so my interior design is based on the same vision. I want to create spaces that make you feel  glamorous and comfortable. It’s really that simple.”” Donatella Versace. How do […]

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