Notre Monde Mirror Cigar Box, Damask Silver

Product Information

Order Mirror Cigar Box, Damask Silver Mirror Cigar Box, Damask Silver @ $200.00

12″ x 10″ x 3″

This cigar box is a part of our elegant collection of mirrored accessories.

The damask pattern on the top of the cigar box is silver set on a mirror background. Along the edges where the sides come together is antique silver to match the pattern color.

Our cigar boxes are great for any occasion and look beautiful as a decoration piece.

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Notre Monde produces exceptional furniture and accessories for the home, crafted with aesthetic refinement and structural integrity. Time-honored techniques are complemented by modern materials for enhanced durability, melding luxury with practicality. In the spirit of decorative objects from 18th century Europe, individual Notre Monde pieces exhibit variations in color and finish because of the artisanal nature of special glazing silk-screening and hand-painting methods.


notremonde3961 Notre Monde Mirror Cigar Box, Damask Silver