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Im interested in having a chandelier installed, what is the pricing?

Pricing for chandelier installation depends on 4 items:

The chandelier type (crystal or non crystal), the size and weight, the installation ceiling height, and the number of crystals if it is a crystal chandelier. There is a pricing page under Chandelier Installation which shows prices for you.

How do i get an Estimate?

We provide a wide array of services, from interior design, planning, chandelier and lighting services, as well as exterior design and installations. To get an estimate for your specific project, please call Shawn at 404-984-7900 and send an email with a brief description including your location address, and any relevant information to: shawn@shawnpenoyerinteriors.com

I would like to order a chandelier from your online store; is there a shipping charge?

No, there are no shipping charges for chandeliers purchased from us directly. We will deliver your chandelier to you at your home and if you would like, we can provide pricing for the installation as well.

I would like to install more than 1 fixture; do you have discounts for multiple items?

Our pricing page is accurate for individual chandelier installations, however we will provide a discount based on the specific situation in advance wherever possible.

I would like a dimmer installed. Can you install a dimmer for our new chandelier?

Yes absolutley!  I would recommend a dimmer for all of your light fixtures throuout your home because the proper lighting and brightness makes a big difference.

We charge $80 as a general price to replace your existing switch with your supplied dimmer.  Because there are so many options, colors, and price points of dimmers, you will need to purchase the dimmer you like and we will happily install it for you if you like. Please remember to make sure you also purchase a new wall cover-plate that fits the dimmer you have purchased as well.



What kind of bulbs should I purchase for my chandelier?

We always recommend Dimmable LED light bulbs, and we recommend these for 3 reasons primarily: 1) they last much longer, and therefore you will not need to replace them which is nice if you have a chandelier that is really high in your foyer. 2) they burn a fraction of energy for the same amount of light output, which you will see reflected on your monthly energy bill. 3) they work much better with Dimmer switches, since they are not limiting as much electricity as halogen bulbs.

Will my new chandelier require additional Support?

Maybe! unfortunately we will not know until we are on-site and can view it ourselves.

We will not install any chandelier or fixture unless we are 100% confident that the mounting bracket is sufficient to support the weight of the chandelier.

We may need to access the attic over the location of the new chandelier to replace the light fixture support.

We do carry a variety of supplies to replace your mounting surface to ensure a safe installation, and we will provide you with the cost of the installation before we move forward, so you can decide which is best for you.

Do you install Ceiling Medallions?

We do install ceiling medallions and the pricing for these are based on the size or diameter as well as the ceiling height where they will be installed. Our Chandelier Pricing page has a pricing table for this as well.

We recommend that your ceiling medallion be painted before installation so that it you wont need to hire a painter to come back and paint it when it is mounted to the ceiling, which will cost much more.

We do not provide Painting services during chandelier installation, so please have this complete and allow plenty of time for the painted ceiling medallion to dry before we arrive to install it.

What do I need to do at my home before my scheduled chandelier installation?

You will want to have the area underneath where we will be installation your chandelier free of all personals, furniture, artwork, etc. before our arrival. Unfortunately we are not able to move your furniture for you, and it will expedite the process if this is completed in advance.

If we are installing a chandelier in your dining room, you will need to have your dining table and chair moved to the side as much as possible to accommodate the ladder and the chandelier dolly, etc.

We may also need to setup scaffolding if your chandelier height is high, like in a foyer or living room with tall ceilings. In this case, we will need to traverse the area from the entrance to the installation area and bring in all of the scaffolding and then set them up. This will take a bit of time and the entrance door will need to be open as we go back and forth from the truck to bring them in.

Also, if you have pets, you will need to secure them because they might see the open door as a chance to escape!

Should I unpack the chandelier that I have purchased before you arrive to install?

NO! In many cases, the chandelier is completely disassembled and is organized in separate packing that is labeled for the installer. If you start unpacking these items they will likely make our job more difficult to arrange and assemble. Please do us a favor and do not open the box.

We cannot be responsible for missing items from any lighting fixtures that you did not purchase from us directly.


When is my Payment Due?

We do not require payment until we are completely finished with your project, however, if you place your order online and book an appointment, you can remit payment in advance.

If any of the details are inaccurate or need to be revised once we arrive at your home or business, we will let you know right away if the pricing will need to be adjusted.

We proudly provide our customers with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

What forms of Payment do you accept?

We do not process credit cards. We do accept payment by cash, CashApp, Venmo, Personal check, and we also accept payments via Paypal Standard or PayPal business. Any processing fees will be collected and paid by the customer.

Here are links for payments:

PayPal : shawn@shawnpenoyerinteriors.com

Venmo: @Shawn-Penoyer

CashApp: $ShawnPenoyer

credit card: https://melio.me/shawnpenoyer

Are there any additional charges that I might be charged ?

We will provide an estimate of cost prior to scheduling an installation which should be very accurate if your description of the size, type, ceiling height etc are correct. If anything has changed once we arrive on site to install, we will let you know the cost difference if any before we commence with any work.

Do you have more questions?