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Furniture Delivery And Installation

Depending on the scope of the project and what has been agreed upon in the contract, we will start production on the walls of the home, order custom draperies, and start the construction of the elements indicated in the agreed upon invoice. We require that the homeowner make prior arrangements to have all personals and furniture removed and to leave any furniture or pieces that we are re-upholstering or using for the final design in the appropriate room.

The production is done in stages, with walls and carpeting first, then with the installation and delivery of any custom furniture, and ending with the smaller items, accessories, wall art, etc.. Some Furniture pieces that we are designing from concept to completion may take up to 12 weeks to construct, so often, everything else is completed just in time for the furniture to be delivered. Once everything is completed, Shawn Penoyer will inspect everything thoroughly to ensure delivery is 100% and everything is flawless. He may bring several accent pieces or accessories from his showroom to add dramatic and gorgeous final touches that you might just have to have! If you like any of these items, we will provide pricing add these to your final invoice. We look forward serving you!