Ask your interior design firm that you are considering questions!

Thoroughly inquire about your space until you are completely satisfied and feel comfortable with moving forward. Finally, we always like to suggest starting out with a single room instead of committing to an entire house or multi-room design plan at first. Starting out slowly with a new interior designer will give you experience and will allow you to gauge how the process works with them. It may also eliminate some headaches if you have selected the wrong company!

Why Choose an Experienced Designer?

With depth knowledge of products, materials and finishes, an experienced Interior Designer will enhance the functionality and quality of living spaces in your home.

If comfort and function are your main priorities in your home than hiring a professional Interior Design will ensure the organization and flow of you and your family’s’ lives is optimized

Working with an Interior Designer can save you time choosing functional pieces for your home and money, avoiding costly DIY mistakes. A designer specializes in working with clients on a personal level to ensure their character seeps through into the design of the home.

Chances are if your well styled home optimizes your busy family lifestyle, when it comes time to sell, it will catch the eyes of another busy family. Real Estate studies show that a well styled home spends less time on the market than an un-styled home and generally sells for more.

Make the investment in hiring an experienced Interior Designer; it will help create the emotional connection with you and your home so you can enjoy the rewards now and in the future.
Good luck with your interior design project and we look forward to serving you!


How does one choose an interior Designer or Decorator for their space? Good Question! There are several factors involved and we will discuss many here on this page for you. The staff at Shawn Penoyer Interiors wants you to become our next client, however we don’t want anyone to choose us and then later determine that we just weren’t a good fit, for whatever reason; we want you to be happy and we want your space to be exactly what you want and expect.

1:The most basic and fundamental answer to this important question is to make sure that the design portfolio from that designer suits you. In other words: does the portfolio of the designer look like what you envision at your home?

2: Every designer has their own taste and their own “look”… they have their own style if you will, and oftentimes, you can tell who has designed a living space immediately upon entering a room. Ask yourself if the rooms you are looking at match your personality? Would you feel comfortable living in this environment? You wouldn’t want to choose a designer who only utilizes plastic chairs for the living room, and an ultra-modern look if you adore traditional design would you? Check out the portfolio as your starting point.

3:If you have gotten along past the first two hurdles and you’ve made it to this step, plan a meeting at your location and meet with the designer and see if your personalities will flow. The staff at Shawn Penoyer Interiors is incredibly friendly and our clients become our friends. Naturally, when we spend so much time with someone, and we get to know them and the intimate details of their home life, we develop a bond, and a friendship ensues.

4:Pricing – Does the billing structure make sense? How does pricing compare and is the quality of service there?

5: Availability – Does your designer or decorator carry a large and varied selection of furniture and case good lines to choose from? Will they be ably to accessorize your home properly and with quality materials? Ask your designer or decorator what they companies they utilize and inquire about price points.