What we do And how we do it?

Shawn Penoyer Interiors is a custom design firm for both residential and commercial projects.
Shawn is both an incredible designer and skilled faux finisher with Venetian Plaster applications as his specialty, and he has applied these services in multiple states and on both the east and west coast.

Projects we work on…

Residential Applications including Primary and Secondary homes, condominiums and town-homes, beach houses, vacation homes, apartment buildings, etc.
Commercial Applications including Office buildings, corporate offices, meeting halls, restaurants and the hospitality industry, show homes, and model homes.

Steps to proceed with your project

Interior Design can be a mind-boggling process, and anyone who has attempted it on their own knows how confusing it can be without proper planning and an abundance of resources, not to mention an artistic eye and a dash of passion. At Shawn Penoyer Interiors, we can handle everything from soup to nuts. We will start with an expertly handled ordering process from the wall fabrics to construction and installation procedures. Our showroom will be available to supply our clients with a huge selection of home accessories and gifts to finish your project right down to the linens, artwork, frames, crystal, and faux finishing and Venetian plaster choices. Our showroom has a huge selection of fabrics from a large selection of Vendors.

Due Diligence

We are so confident about our pricing and our products that we invite you to shop around and see for yourself. If you would like to come in and do your own research and choose fabrics, furniture, accessories for your home, linens, design your own draperies, etc. Right down to the finials and rods. Everything is custom and we have an extensive library of books, images and flat screen monitors to assist you.

Initial Meeting And Consultation

At our first meeting we will come to your home and meet with you and your family and evaluate the space or spaces that you are considering for the project. You should plan on spending ~2 hours, more depending on the scope of the project, with our designer and project manager. We will do a lot of measuring an evaluation of the space, lighting, ceiling heights, etc., and obtain a general idea of what is needed at your home and how our services will best serve you and your needs. Your home is a very personal space and meeting with you will also give the designer insight into your personality and those of your family members. You can also have this opportunity to find out what type of people we are and confirm that you will be hiring the right people for the job!

Design Concept And Proposal

At this stage, you have indicated to us that you are interested in proceeding further and we have put together a Design Proposal for initial review and refinement. The Design concept and proposal has been assembled based on the varying details and images, measurements, and scope of the project that we have discussed at our previous meeting. A Design fee of $3,000.00 for Plan Development, Presentation and Refinement is due at this stage before we begin with the planning stage. If you like what we are verbally discussing with you as far as the overall plans we are presenting, we will then prepare a contract in preparation for the next stage where we will formalize the design and create the final look for your home.

Production and Implementation & Delivery

Depending on the scope of the project and what has been agreed upon in the contract, we will start production on the walls of the home, order custom draperies, and start the construction of the elements indicated in the agreed upon invoice. We require that the homeowner make prior arrangements to have all personals and furniture removed and to leave any furniture or pieces that we are re-upholstering or using for the final design in the appropriate room. The production is done in stages, with walls and carpeting first, then with the installation and delivery of any custom furniture, and ending with the smaller items, accessories, wall art, etc.. Some Furniture pieces that we are designing from concept to completion may take up to 12 weeks to construct, so often, everything else is completed just in time for the furniture to be delivered. Once everything is completed, Shawn Penoyer will inspect everything thoroughly to ensure delivery is 100% and everything is flawless.

Budget Planning

1: Depending on the scope of the project

2: Drapery and Blinds

3: Fabric selection and design

4: Furniture Selection and Design

5: Flooring Selection Hardware and Fixture Selection

6: Lighting Design

7: Project Management

8: Rug Selection

9: Space Coordination and Layout

10:Window Treatment Selection